What is TACITcommunity?

TACITcommunity enables meaningful conversations between the best minds in the industry. Interact with your expert network through TACITevents and TACITworks sharing. Keep your network engaged with open discussions, polls, TACITworks, and participative feedback.  
A private channel for your community members to discuss ideas, interact with one another and gain tacit knowledge.

Who can create TACITcommunity?

Any TacitKey user can create TACITcommunity, Here TACITcommunity is a group of Professional or relevant experts to be in community, which helps them to meaningful conversations between the Members.TACITcommunity recommended for Association to manage their whole association in a single platform, Online Teaching experts, Event organizers, Industry experts, Students etc. you can use TACITcommunity to interact, explore, share, learn and you can earn through it.

How many TACITcommunity can I create?

It Purely depends on your TACITcommunity Subscription Plan. you can start with one community for free. Upgrade and create many number of TACITcommunity according to your wish.

How to join TACITcommunity? 

If you wish to join in a particular TACITcommunity, you can send a request by Clicking Join in that particular TACITcommunity Info page. But if the Admin of that TACITcommunity have to approve to join.

How to delete my created TACITcommunity? 

Yes, You can delete your TACITcommunity, by sending a request mail to support@tacitkey.com with proper reason.