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You need to verify your TacitKey account in order to upload your content on TacitKey. 

  1. Title 

Please add a relevant and catchy title, in order to increase the reach of your content.

  1. Description


Include a small paragraph with a maximum of about 1500 characters that acts as a preview to your content. 

  1. Cover Image 

Adding a cover image relevant to your content will act as a teaser to your content, and can drive your content to a wider audience. You can add cover image while posting your TacitWorks in 2 ways: 

(a) Directly uploading an image of your choice

(b) Choose one of the images from the Tacitkey Library  

  1. Preview Video

When you post a Paid content, please include a preview video of about 1 minute explaining the relevance of your work and the potential impact it will have. This will give the users a better idea of what they are buying, which will in turn, increase your earnings. Please ensure that your video follows our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Moderation Guidelines. 

  1. Content

Please share ONLY your tacit knowledge as TacitWorks. The content can be textual/audio/video formats. Your content will be checked for plagiarism during our moderation process. Please ensure that your content is uploaded in the appropriate file formats. 

  1. Price Selection

    Please indicate whether you want to share your TacitWorks as Free or Paid TacitWorks. 


By listing your content as Paid TacitWorks, you can set the price for your own work (minimum price set at $19). You earn 75% of the listed price every time a user purchases your content. 

On the other hand, by listing your content as Free TacitWorks, you can opt to push your TacitWorks into our bidding pool, where top brands can bid for advertisement space on your content. At the end of the bidding cycle (end of the week), the content is ‘adopted’ by the highest bidder and the content contributor gets 75% of the bid amount. 

  1. Interest Selection

Selecting the appropriate interest category under which the content falls helps in the proper categorization of your tacit knowledge. This will enable our proprietary matching algorithm to make your content available to the right target audience, which in turn, results in increased engagement and monetization potential.