On TacitKey Community, you can create online communities of knowledge-seekers and initiate collaborative discussions. You can host webinars, conduct events, and create courses on Community. 

On TacitKey, you can market your events to your target population easily and make your event a huge success!

Please follow the below-mentioned guidelines to create TacitKey Events: 

  1. The Events you wish to conduct has to be posted under a Community.

  2. The Events has to be approved by the TacitKey moderation team

  3. While posting your Events, please provide your real profile, as this will encourage event promotion. 

  4. Furthermore, complete your profile as much as possible, to increase your network on TacitKey.

  5. Please do not impersonate anyone else or provide any misleading information about yourself on your TacitKey profile.

  6. Please maintain a professional environment and enable healthy discussions in your Events-associated community.

  7. Make sure to not discriminate anyone in your Events-associated community and also not to encourage such behavior.

  8. Please do not use your community for or support any illegal activities in your Events-associated community.

  9. Please do not use your Events-associated community to harass anyone or to reveal any confidential information. 

  10. While inviting the speakers, attendees, and sponsors to join your Events-associated community, they will have to be approved by the community owner

  11. If any Events-related content is posted as Private TacitWorks within the community, it will be moderated by the Community owner. 

  12. If any Events-related content is posted as Public TacitWorks within the community, then that work will be moderated by the Content moderator. Please refer to the TacitWorks Policy for the guidelines. 

  13. Please create an agenda with all the details, so that all the stakeholders have all the information required.

  14. Please contact the sponsors and speakers months in advance, so that there is no confusion at the time of the event.