TacitSurvey enables you to conduct effective marketing campaigns in the form of paid targeted surveys as well as to gather valuable insights into your target market. 

You can tap into tacit knowledge of the extensive global network of professionals available at TacitKey to conduct your paid surveys. Since TacitKey has professionals from different domains and demographics, you can easily cover a wide spectrum of your market. 

Please follow the guidelines given below to make the TacitSurvey effective:

  1. Any registered TacitKey user can conduct TacitSurvey. However, It is based on your specified requirements that the respondents are chosen. Hence, to get valid responses, make sure that you have mentioned all of your requirements clearly. 

  1. You can post your TacitSurveys anonymously or under your Company profile. Both have their pros and cons. Posting them under your company profile lends credibility to the survey, while posting it anonymously encourages the respondents to provide valid and truthful answers.

  1. The TacitSurvey you post has to go through our moderation process before it can go live on the “Key Feed”. Please do not upload spam or insensitive posts.

  1. Please respect the respondents’ time, and personal information. Please do not create a survey that crosses their personal boundaries. Make sure to create an atmosphere of trust, professionalism, and respect.  

  1. Please do not ask any questions that are aimed at obtaining confidential information from the respondents. Such surveys will be immediately rejected by the TacitKey moderator team. If you do obtain any private information from the respondents, please ensure that you do not misuse them.

  1. It has been shown that reimbursing the respondents for their time and effort ensures high-quality responses. Hence, make sure that you compensate the respondents in a timely manner. 

  1. As a survey conductor, you will have to transfer the amount that you intend to pay the survey respondents along with the processing fee upfront. TacitKey will disburse the amount due each repondent after you check the validity of the responses.

  1. TacitKey is not liable for the amount of compensation offered or any issues that may arise due to that. TacitKey will not get involved in any disputes between the surveyor and the respondents.

  1. TacitKey closely monitors illegal and dishonest activities that undermine the integrity of the platform.  

If you have any concerns, or if you want to report any issues or fraudulent activities, please email us at support@tacitkey.com.