1. What is TacitAdopt?

TacitAdopt enables you to endorse/adopt works that are relevant to your Company through a process of bidding. This will help you promote your products amongst a target population with relative ease.

2. How does TacitAdopt work?

You can adopt TacitWorks that are relevant to your Company from the bidding pool. Select a TacitWorks, and place a competitive bid. The minimum bid starts at $10 and increases by at least $1, for the subsequent bids. There is no maximum limit on the bid that can be placed. 

The highest bidder wins the bidding cycle and can adopt the TacitWorks for a period of 7 days. During this time, the content page will display your banner and you can promote the adopted TacitWorks to all your followers through your social media channels. 

3. What do I gain by adopting a content through TacitAdopt?

By adopting a content through TacitAdopt, there are numerous advantages such as:

  1. Identification of a thought leader who can promote your Company

  2. Easily get your ideas across to your target population

  3. Create brand awareness

  4. Achieve higher conversion rates, as your consumers understand the concepts better

4. Can I bid on multiple works at a time?

Yes, You can bid on any number of TacitWorks at a time. 

5. Is there a limit on the bid amount that can be placed through TacitAdopt?

There is no limit on the bid amount that can be placed through TacitAdopt. 

6. Can I share the TacitWorks that I have adopted on other social media platforms?

Yes, in fact, we encourage you to share your adopted TacitWorks on as many social media platforms as possible, to build up your brand and to reach your target audience.

7. On what basis do I decide upon the bidding amount?

While placing the bid, a lot of factors are taken into consideration such as:

  1. Relevancy of the content to the Company

  2. Quality of the work

  3. Reputation of the content contributor

  4. Innovativeness/ Novelty

  5. Popularity of the content

8. How do I gauge the popularity of the content?

The popularity of the content is determined by the level of engagement on the content. This is gauged by various parameters such as the number of:





9. What is a “bidding cycle”?

“Bidding cycle” is the time frame over which one bid is completed. A bidding cycle is initiated on a Monday morning 12 AM (Singapore Standard Time, UTC+08.00) on all the contents in the bidding pool. Any user on the platform can bid on any of the contents in the bidding pool until Thursday 11.59 PM (Singapore Standard Time, UTC+08.00), at which point, all biddings are closed. 

Subsequently, the highest bidders on all the contents that have been adopted are notified. They are given 24 hours to pay the amount that they had quoted on their bids. In the event, they fail to pay, the second highest bidder is notified, and they are also given 24 hours to pay the bid amount. Once the bid amount is paid, the bidding cycle comes to a close.

10. How do I place a bid?

To place a bid, click the “Bid Content” button on the TacitWorks in the adoption pool that you are interested in bidding for. 

11. How do I pay for the TacitWorks that I have adopted?

Upon completion of the bidding cycle, the highest bidder who has adopted the content will be notified by email. We request you to complete the transaction within 24 hours from the time of notification. You can pay the bid amount through your Paypal account. 

Please do note that in the unlikely event you fail to pay within the time frame, you will not be able to bid for the specific content contributor in the future. 

12. What is the validity of the adoption process?

An adoption process is valid only for a period of 7 days. If you are interested in promoting or endorsing the content for longer periods of time, please re-bid for the same content in the next bidding cycle as well.

13. Do you have a refund policy?

TacitAdopt works through a process of bidding, and we expect you to have already checked the content before placing a bid. Hence, content once paid for, cannot be refunded unless there are compelling reasons. However, if you believe that the purchase you made warrants refund, please contact us at support@tacitkey.com, and we will do our best to help you.