1. What are the core concepts of TacitKey?

Our motto is Share. Learn. Earn. It stands for Share your tacit knowledge, Learn from your peers and experts, and Earn by sharing your expertise. 

We bring together the sharing, learning, and monetization aspects of tacit knowledge in our products through our core concepts of:

  1. Thought Leadership

  2. Knowledge Transfer

  3. Monetization of your work or expertise

2. What is Thought Leadership?

The term ‘Thought Leadership’ was coined by Joel Kurtzman, the editor-in-chief of “Strategy & Business”, in 1994. 

Thought Leaders are individuals or organizations who have an original idea, point of view or insight about an industry or challenges faced by the society. They can be innovators, visionaries or problem-solvers. 

They are oftentimes recognized by their peers and experts in their field as individuals who have a strong understanding of:

  1. The business they are in

  2. Their customers’ needs

  3. The marketplace they operate in

3. What is required to become a Thought Leader?

To become an efficient thought leader, you need to be capable of solving the existing challenges faced by the society. Some of the ways in which this can be achieved are listed below:

  1. Carry out quality research 

  2. Have compelling ideas

  3. Share your ideas with others

  4. Guide others in bringing about a change

4. What are the steps involved in becoming a Thought Leader?

The different steps involved in becoming a thought leader include:

  1. Creating brand value 

  2. Working with influencers

  3. Networking with your peers

  4. Publishing high-quality work

5. How can you become a Thought Leader through TacitKey?

You can become recognized as a Thought Leader at TacitKey by:

  1. Sharing your works

  2. Engaging with your peers and experts in the domain

  3. Creating your own communities

  4. Organizing events such as webinars, conferences etc

  5. Offering training sessions for optimal knowledge transfer

  6. Participating in events, surveys, and discussions

6. What are the different channels through which Thought Leadership can be achieved?

Thought Leadership can be achieved through various channels, such as:

  1. Media 

  2. Social media

  3. Books

  4. Webinars and Seminars 

7. Why is Knowledge Transfer important?

Knowledge transfer involves the transfer of not only knowledge but also experiences as well as best practices. Achieving optimal transfer helps organizations to: 

  1. Take better decisions

  2. Improve existing work practices

  3. Learn from previous experiences

8. How can you achieve efficient Knowledge Transfer through TacitKey?

  1. At TacitKey, optimal knowledge transfer is achieved through the sharing of your tacit knowledge in the form of TacitWorks. 

  1. In addition, learn from our extensive collection of works that have been shared by your peers as well as experts in your industry. 

  1. Furthermore, organize and participate in webinars, conferences and training sessions to boost knowledge transfer and ensure that your knowledge reaches the maximum number of people. 

  1. Through TacitKey, easily engage and interact with your peers and experts in your industry and form productive collaborations, which will enhance your professional profile. 

9. What are the different ways in which you can monetize through TacitKey?

At TacitKey, you can supplement your regular income by sharing your expertise, skills, and ideas with a global audience. Create multiple income streams through the different avenues that are available on TacitKey, such as:

  1. Post your work as “Paid TacitWorks” 

  2. Get your work endorsed by top Companies

  3. Participate in surveys targeted at specific populations

  4. Monetize your network through communities

  5. Offer online courses as well as training sessions