1. What is TacitAdopt?

TacitAdopt enables you to elevate your professional profile by getting your TacitWorks endorsed/adopted by Companies and top Brands, through a process of bidding. 

2. How does TacitAdopt work?

Push your TacitWorks into the bidding pool and have Companies bid for them. At the end of the bidding cycle (end of the week), the content contributor gets 75% of the bid amount. Furthermore, the content will get a banner from the bidding Company. This will considerably elevate your professional profile. 

3. What is a bidding pool?

Bidding pool consists of all the TacitWorks that are being bid upon, during a particular week. 

4. What is the minimum bidding amount?

The bidding for TacitAdopt starts at $10, and increases by at least $1 every bid.

5. What is the maximum bidding amount?

There is no maximum limit for the bidding amount. You can bid any amount.

6. Who can bid on the content?

Anyone can bid on the content. Usually, it is a representative of a Company or a Brand who places a bid on the content that they believe will help in promoting their product or generate brand awareness.

7. How many contents can be in the bidding pool at a time?

If you are in the “Free Plan”, you can have only one content in the bidding pool at a time. However, if you have subscribed to the “TacitAdopt Subscription Plan” you can push an unlimited number of contents into the bidding pool at the same time. In this case, simultaneous bidding can be initiated for all your contents in the bidding pool.

8. What is the bidding cycle?

The bidding cycle is the time frame over which one bid is completed. 

  1. A bidding cycle is initiated on a Monday morning 12.00 AM (Singapore Standard Time, UTC+08.00) on all the contents in the bidding pool. 

  1. Any user on the platform can bid on any of the contents in the bidding pool until Thursday 11.59 PM (Singapore Standard Time, UTC+08.00), at which point, all biddings are closed. 

  1. Subsequently, the highest bidders on all the contents that have been adopted are notified. They are given 24 hours to pay the amount that they had quoted on their bids. 

  1. In the event, they fail to pay, the second highest bidder is notified, and they are also given 24 hours to pay the bid amount. 

Once the bid amount is paid, the bidding cycle comes to a close.

9. What does the content contributor gain through the process of adoption?

Upon being successfully adopted, the content contributor gets 75% of the bid amount. In addition, the content that was adopted can display the banner of the adopting Company for a period of 7 days. This will be of tremendous benefit to the content contributor in terms of promoting himself, elevating his professional profile as well as establishing himself as a thought leader in his domain.

10. On what basis is the bidding amount decided by the Companies?

While placing the bid, various factors have to be taken into consideration, such as:

  1. Relevancy of the content to the Company

  2. Quality of the work

  3. Reputation of the content contributor

  4. Innovativeness/ Novelty

  5. Popularity of the content

11. How is the popularity of the content gauged by the bidders?

The popularity of the content is determined by the level of engagement on the content. This is gauged by various parameters such as the number of:





12. How can the content contributor motivate the users to engage on the platform?

As part of TacitAdopt, the content contributor can opt to give 5% of his earnings from the bid amount to 5 of his top contributors. The selection of the top 5 people, as well as the amount to be given to each person, is entirely up to the content contributor’s discretion. Rewarding the users for their engagement with the content will drastically increase the probabilities of your content being adopted. 

13. What if the highest bidder refuses to pay the bid amount?

In the unlikely event that the highest bidder refuses to pay the bid amount with 24 hours from the time of notification, the second highest bidder will be notified. The second highest bidder will also be given 24 hours to respond to the notification. 

If neither of them responds to the notifications until the end of the bidding cycle, we will enter your content to the next bidding cycle and the process will be repeated. However, the two bidders who did not respond to the notifications will not be allowed to participate in the bidding for your contents anymore. 

14. What if I remove my content in the middle of a bidding cycle?

If you remove your content in the middle of a week or a bidding cycle, then all the bidding on your content will be stopped, and your content will be removed from the bidding pool.

15. How can I move my TacitWorks into the adoption pool?

You can opt to move selected TacitWorks into the adoption pool by using the “Enable” button that is inside the adoption tab in your TacitWorks homepage.