1. What is Sponsored Works?

Sponsored Works are native advertisements used by Companies to promote their products on TacitKey. Posting Sponsored Works can help you reach your targeted population.


2. Who can post Sponsored Works?

A recognized representative from any of the top Companies or Brands can contact us at support@tacitkey.com, and talk to our support team to schedule the posting of Sponsored Works.

3. What sets Sponsored Works apart from normal TacitWorks?

Both Sponsored Works and TacitWorks are similar in their structure and undergo thorough checks by our moderation team. They have to abide by our Content Policy as well as Terms and Conditions

Sponsored Works is posted in “Key Feed”, while the TacitWorks are posted in “My Feed”. In addition, the Companies have to pay in order to post Sponsored Works, while the content contributors can post content for free. Furthermore, the Sponsored Works has a limited validity of 30 days, while the TacitWorks will be available on our platform for an unlimited period of time.

4. What are the guidelines to be followed while posting Sponsored Works?

While posting Sponsored Works, please ensure that the post abides by our Content Policy as well as the Terms and Conditions.

5. What is the purpose of Sponsored Works?

Sponsored Works are posted by Companies to promote their product and create brand awareness. The advantage of posting Sponsored Works on TacitKey is that you can easily target your target group of professionals across various domains.

6. What is the validity of Sponsored Works?

Once posted, Sponsored Works will be available for only 30 days. On the other hand, the TacitWorks you post is available for an unlimited period of time.

7. Can I engage with Sponsored Works?

You can view and share the Sponsored Works. Additionally, you can promote the content by casting upvotes. However, you cannot comment on the Sponsored Works. 

8. Does TacitKey moderate Sponsored Works?

Yes, Sponsored Works have to go through our moderation process. Once our moderation process is completed, they will be made available on our “Key Feed”.

9. Can I promote my Sponsored Works?

You can promote your Sponsored Works by sharing them on your social media platforms. This will help your content reach your target audience and your followers, which will enable you to create brand awareness and promote your product.