1. What is TacitSurvey?

TacitSurvey gives you the opportunity to share your opinions based on your tacit knowledge and be rewarded for your valuable contribution. Your opinions can shape the future of the products and/or marketing strategy of the top Companies.

2. What are the benefits of participating in a survey on the TacitKey platform?

There are numerous benefits of participating in a survey on the TacitKey:

  1. Share your tacit knowledge

  2. Get rewarded for your time as well as contribution

3. How do I participate in a TacitSurvey?

Participate in TacitSurvey by clicking the “Participate Survey” button on the survey you wish to participate.

4. Do I need any qualifications to participate in a TacitSurvey?

Unless specified by the Company that posted the survey, you do not need any specific requirements to participate in any of the surveys. Through TacitSurvey, we encourage you to share your tacit knowledge to improve the products and/or marketing strategy for top brands. Since everyone has tacit knowledge, anyone can participate in TacitSurveys.

5. How do I get rewarded for participating in a TacitSurvey?

Companies post surveys through TacitSurvey in order to obtain insights into how to improve their products and/or marketing strategy. Use your tacit knowledge to participate in these surveys and get rewarded for sharing your expertise as well as for your time.

6. After I complete a survey on TacitKey, how long will it take for me to get paid?

After you complete a survey on TacitKey, the Company will be notified. They will review your survey and check if you passed the minimum requirements that have been specified in the survey. Immediately after this, the remuneration will be transferred to your PayPal account registered with TacitKey. 

7. How many questions will be there in the surveys on TacitKey?

The survey will be prepared by the Company that posts the survey. Hence, depending upon their requirements, the number of questions, as well as the remuneration offered, will vary widely.

8. How many questions in each survey on TacitKey do I have to answer to get paid?

You need to answer all the questions in order to get paid.

9. Are there any restrictions on the number of surveys I can take on TacitKey?

No, there are no restrictions on the number of surveys that you can take on TacitKey. You can take as many surveys as you want through TacitSurvey.

10. Are there any geographical restrictions on the surveys I can take on TacitKey?

The main advantage of TacitSurvey is that you can participate in the surveys from anywhere. Unless the person/Company who posted the Survey had specified any restrictions, anyone from anywhere in the world can take any of the surveys.