1. What will I need to join TacitKey?

To join TacitKey, all you need are an internet connection and a laptop/desktop/mobile device. 

First, create an account with TacitKey and select interests based on your preferences. This lets you follow updates and events that are relevant to you. In addition, you can choose to follow people whose posts interest you as well. 

2. Can I change or edit my username?

No, you cannot edit a username once it has been created. You need to create a new account if you want to change your username. 

However, please do note that you cannot migrate your existing Key Points to your new username. 

3. How will I find people to follow?

You can find people to follow in multiple ways. You can search using their name, their usernames, import friends from other networks or invite friends from your email contacts. Furthermore, you can follow people from the “Recommended for you” list as well. 

4. How do I select my professional interests?

While creating an account, you are automatically prompted to choose your interests and sub-interests. You can modify your interest anytime, by going to the account settings. 

5. Why does “My Feed” show upcoming conferences?

At TacitKey, we believe that professional conferences provide an avenue for you to share your tacit knowledge. Hence, based on your professional interests, we recommend possible events and conferences that you can attend. 

6. What if my professional interests are not listed?

If your professional field of interest is not listed, please send us a request directly through our platform. Alternatively, you can write to us at support@tacitkey.com

We will add your professional interest as soon as a few more members have requested for that specific field of interest. We are constantly adding new professional interests and we will notify you as soon as the interest you requested for has been added to our platform. 

7. What does it mean to follow someone on TacitKey?

When you follow a user on TacitKey, you will receive their updates, which will appear on your “My Feed”. 

8. How do I know who all I am following?

Click on the “Following” button on your profile page in order to view the complete list of people whom you are following.


9. How will I know who is following me?

Click on the “Followers” button on your profile page in order to view the complete list of people who are following you. 

10. Who reads my content? 

Our proprietary algorithm ensures that all the content you post is sent to the right audience, based on the similarities in interest profiles. In addition, post-approval, all your followers will get instant notifications about any content that you post. 

11. What are Keypoints, and why should I accumulate it?

Keypoints are a measure of your activity within the TacitKey platform. It is a reflection of your engagement and how much knowledge contribution you have made within the platform. Higher Keypoints translates to a more valuable user on our platform. Such high-value users are rewarded by being presented with attractive opportunities like consulting, invitation to be a speaker at events etc.  

12. What should I do when I forget my password?

Please go to “Forgot the password” tab, which is right below the signup option and type in your email address that is associated with your TacitKey account. An email with a link for resetting your password will be sent to your registered email address. Please click on the link to reset your password, and then sign into the platform with your new password.

13. How do I change my password?

Go to the "More Options" tab and click on the “Change password” option. 

14. How do I let other people follow me?

In order to allow others to follow you, change the privacy settings so that your profile is visible to all.

15. How do I follow other people?

To follow a specific person, go to their profile page and click on “Follow”. Immediately, a notification will be sent to them that you have started following them. 

16. How do I unfollow a person?

Unfollow a person by clicking on the “Unfollow” tab on the profile page of the person you want to unfollow. 

17. Can I keep my profile private?

Yes, if you prefer, you can opt to keep your profile as private. However, we encourage you to list your profile as public. If you choose to keep your profile as private, others will not be able to follow you.

18. Can I get negative Keypoints score?

No, we do not assign negative Keypoints values. The sole purpose of Keypoints is to increase user engagement and create a healthy competition between the users. This will help create a friendly environment where tacit knowledge exchange happens freely.  


19. How are the Keypoints calculated?

Keypoints are calculated based on the following parameters:

  • Responding to feedback/ polls - 1 point 

  • Upvote or downvote of content/events - 0.1 points 

  • Being invited as a speaker for events - 30 points 

  • Being active on the platform for an hour - 0.05  points

  • Attending events - 10 points 

  • Participating in discussions - 0.5 points 

  • Sharing content or events - 1 point 

  • Inviting friends - 5 points 

  • Gaining followers - 0.05 points 

  • Posting content (if approved) - 10 points 

  • Accessing free content - 1 point

  • Accessing paid content - 5 point 

  • Content upvote Each - 0.01 

  • Content accessed - 0.5 

  • Paid - 2

  • Posting events - 20 points 

  • Each new user form event - 5 points