How are you different from an event ticketing service?


Event management is about managing occasions, occurrences or incidents like sports activities, parties, seminars, conferences, meetings etc. However at TacitKey, we are about tacit knowledge. We do everything to capture, develop, share, and effectively disperse tacit knowledge to the world.

We have a set of a professional network that you could communicate with and post about your conferences/seminars thereby helping each other explore the Tacit knowledge.


How can I keep my audience engaged over a long period of time?


We understand that as in it is very hard to retain the attention of the Audience, Though the speaker may try to be humorous and have an effective presentation, The audience won’t be attentive unless and until you engage them in the Game. That’s why Tacitkey has the Live polls & Q&A sessions, Where the speaker or Organizer could post polls related to the conference and people could answer through the App. The immediate feedback options gives them a chance to express themselves which is greater advantage for the organizer and speaker to make improvements and know their advantage.

Can you help us from losing our contact and audience once the TACITevent is done?


Yes we can help you to stay in touch with your contacts by letting them follow your page, As there is constant updates on your page in TacitKey app, it’s more engaging and they are happy to learn new skills, It’s all about making the posts interesting.

Is TacitKey useful after the TACITevent?


Yes, Tacitkey is useful even after the particular TACITevent is over, so as to keep the contacts engaged by posting about the upcoming conferences and the conference content as well as updates.

How do I increase my presence in the network?


You can increase your presence in the network by interacting with the users and making them interact with you in return, The Live polls, Q&A sessions as well as feedback sessions are designed to make users interact with Event Organizer and vice versa.

What sort of data analytic insights does your platform provide me?


The analytical insights provided by TacitKey are as following,

No of people viewing the TACITevent information & Posts

No of Upvotes,Downvotes, and Shares

Daily update about the Event details

Contact list of attendees who have registered for the Events

Overall Statistical data of User Base

TACITwork related Statistical data