At TacitKey, we understand how difficult it can get when it comes to managing membership plans. In order to receive membership fees, renewing membership plans, and more. Therefore, we have made it easier by helping you create effective membership plans for your members. Here is a list of benefits when you create a membership plan on TacitKey:

  • Attract, renew and manage all your members in one place. 

  • You can have unlimited members to access the membership plan across the globe. 

  • It is a self-serving plan, where members should provide their contact details, renew their memberships plan, search for other members, and view content that is only restricted to members. By doing this, the owner does not have to spend time in manually doing this regularly. The self-model can make other members of the membership plan also responsible. 

  • You can create multiple membership categories based on monthly, quarterly, annually summing up to different membership fees. 

  • You can communicate with all the members of the membership plan through Emails. 

  • The detailed reports will give you insights on finances, the revenue you earn via the membership fees and subscriptions.

  • No more manual renewals the manual way. With Membership Plans, you can send emails to your members and allow them to just log in and make the payment online. Easy and Quick!

Note: On TacitKey, anyone can join a Community just by request. But when it comes to the membership plan, it completely depends on the Community Owner. He can invite members of the community to be a part of the Membership Plan.