It is similar to the normal event creation process. But here’s a step by step guide to help you create events on mobile or quickly create an event on the desktop. 

For Mobile:

Step 1: To access TacitKey on Mobile, one needs to login to

Step 2: At the end of the feed, there will be a “Post” icon. 

Step 3: Click on the icon and one will be directed to a new page where one needs to choose between - Post TacitWorks, Community, Events, and Cast. 

Step 4: Choose Event and you will be directed to the Event Page.

Step 5: Follow the step by step process and complete the process of creating the event. 

For Desktop: 

To quickly create an event on Desktop, one needs to choose the ENABLE QUICK CREATE option. 

Step by Step Guide to create an event on mobile and desktop:

  • Click on Basic Info and provide the required basic event information, such as:

    • Community: Select the Community Name for which you want to create the event for. 

    • Company Profile: Select the Company Profile for the particular event. 

    • Listing: One needs to choose between the Public and Private Listing. 

    • Type: Select the event type if the event is a free event or a paid event.

    • Title: Provide a unique event title. 

    • Cover Picture: Select a cover picture for the event by either uploading or selecting from the stock images.

    • Description: Provide a brief description of the event for individuals to understand the purpose of the event. 

    • Venue: Provide the event location.

    • Starts on: Enter the start date of the event. 

    • Ends on: Provide the end date of the event. 

  • Now, click on Tickets. 

    • Title: Provide a unique ticket title. 

    • Description: Give a brief ticket description. 

    • Price: Provide a price for the particular ticket type. 

    • No. Of Tickets: Mention the number of tickets allocated for a particular ticket type. 

    • To add more ticket type, click on ADD and follow the same steps. 

  • Click on SUBMIT, your Event has been successfully created and is in moderation. Once the event is approved it will be visible to your audience. 

  • To add Agenda, Sponsor and other details of the event, you will have to access the Desktop and click on Edit option.