Feedback feature is used to gather information relevant to specific works. The feedback may be positive or negative. However, it typically contributes towards improving the existing works as well as future works. 

Effective feedbacks are beneficial to the person who gives the feedback, the person for whom it is intended for, and the community as a whole. Obtaining feedbacks are beneficial, as it:

  1. Can be inspiring
  2. Improves performance
  3. Inspires learning
  4. Offers networking opportunities
  5. Enables collaborations

To provide your Feedback:

  • Click the specific TacitWorks, Community, Events title, to which you want to provide feedback to the content contributor. 
  • Click "Engagement", which will open up the feed.
  • Click "Participate Feedback", to open up a page where you can answer to the feedback question.
  • Click "Submit" to successfully post your valuable feedback.