To conduct Polls/Feedback:

1. Click “Engagement” in the sidebar navigation of your TacitWorks or Community or Events.

2. Click “Polls/Feedback” to open up the page where you can see all your Polls and Feedback.

3. Click the “Create Polls and Feedback” icon, which is at the bottom of the page.

This will open up a page where you need to fill in the columns as follows:

        1. Title: Provide a title for your polls/feedback here. Please keep it short and simple so that the user easily understands it.

        2. Description: Provide a description of your polls/feedback.

        3. Polls/Feedback: Mark your question as polls or feedback, based on your question.

        4. Set answering options for the poll/feedback from amongst Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Single Text Box, or Star Rating.

You can choose one or more question types for a specific poll/feedback and choose the right type of questions for the poll/feedback.

1. Single Choice - Radio Button  

This allows the users to select one answer from a list of answers. Radio buttons allow respondents to select only one answer from the list of choices. When a respondent selects an answer choice, all the other answer choices are deselected automatically.

2. Multiple Choice - Check Box  

This allows the polls/feedback taker to select one or more options from a list of answers. Checkboxes allow respondents to select multiple answers from the list of choices. You can set a limit on how many choices the respondents need to select.

3. Single Text Box - Open-ended questions require the respondents to type their answers into comment boxes. Responses are then viewed individually.

4. Star (Rating) - Star Rating questions, enables respondents to evaluate a statement on a visual scale of stars. A weight is assigned to each icon on the scale, and a weighted average is calculated in the "Analyze Results" section.

5. Next, Click the “Post” button to post your polls/feedback successfully.

To view Polls/Feedback results:

  • Click  “Polls/Feedback” button, to open up a page where you can see all your Polls and Feedback.
  • Click "View Polls Results" or "View Feedback Results" on the specific Polls/Feedback for which you want to view the results. This will open up a page, where you can view the Polls/Feedback question.
  • Click "View result" to view the results of your polls/feedback question.