To view your Company profile:

  1. Click on your Account (your picture in the right-hand corner of the homepage).
  2. Click on Company Profile

A completed Company profile is required for posting Events, TacitSurvey and also for TacitAdopt.  In addition, you can add multiple Company profiles to your account for posting on behalf of multiple Companies. 

You are required to add the following details on the Company profile page:

  1. Company Name: Add your company name. 
  2. Company/ Organizer logo:  Add your company logo. This logo is displayed when the Company profile is used to post any Events or survey questions.
  3. Description: Give a short description of your company.
  4. Links: Add the link to your company website. This will appear beneath your company name when you post Events or TacitSurvey.
  5. Company Email: Add your company email address.

Click "Submit" to update the details on your Company Profile.