It is always better to have a sub-user who can manage the community and keep the community active by conducting polls and feedbacks, initiating relevant discussions, sharing TacitWorks and more. To create a sub-user for your community is a simple process. 

Note: A user can be made a sub-user of the community, only if he is a member of the community. 

How to create a sub-user?

  • Choose the Community for which you wish to make a member a sub-user.

  • Go to the Manage Members tab.

  • Members who are a part of your Community will be listed there.

  • You can choose the Make Sub-User option against the member of your community. 

  • Click on OK when a pop-up notifies you confirming on making a member as a sub-user.

A sub-user in your community can access the community as an admin. A sub-user can Post TacitWorks, view members, make moderations, conduct discussions in form of Polls and Feedbacks.