• Click the “Monetize” tab on the homepage. 

  • Click “TacitSurvey” in the side navigation bar, which will open up the TacitSurvey page

  • Then, click “Create TacitSurvey”

Step 1:

Clicking “Create TacitSurvey” will open up a page where you can fill the following information:

  • Select Company: Choose the company profile under which the TacitSurvey will be posted. 
  • TacitSurvey Title: Provide a suitable title for your TacitSurvey. Please make sure that the title is short and simple so that the user easily understands what the survey is about. 

  • TacitSurvey Description: Provide a description of the TacitSurvey in your own words. 

  • Number of Responses: Mention the number of responses you will require from the survey. 

  • The amount for each response: Mention how much you will pay each respondent for every response.  

  • Set your survey’s answering option - You can choose between radio button, checkbox, text, or star. You can choose single or multiple types of options within a single question.

  • Select Interest: Select the interest category under which your TacitSurvey will be posted. 

  • Next, click the “Create" button which is on the top right.

Step 2:

Clicking “Create” will redirect you to the Payment page. Once you have finished the financial transaction and paid for the TacitSurvey, based on the amount for each response and the number of respondents expected, your TacitSurvey will be sent to the moderation team. 

You will be notified of the status of your TacitSurvey within 48 hours. If accepted, your TacitSurvey will go live in the "Key Feed" and will be open for participation to relevant professionals (based on their Keypoint score). If rejected, you will be notified of the reasons for rejection and we will reimburse your payment immediately.