Whenever any of your Paid TacitWorks has been sold, you will receive a notification in the TacitWorks Sales Tab. 

This section includes a detailed analysis of the revenue generated from the sale of your TacitWorks.

Here, you can:


1. Number of views

View the number of views for each of your TacitWorks, by clicking on the "Views" link. 

2. TacitWorks Sold

View the total number of Your TacitWorks that has been sold. 

3. Revenue

View the total income you have earned through your TacitWorks. 

4. Type of TacitWorks

The type of TacitWorks (Free/Paid) is indicated here. If it is a Paid TacitWork, you can edit the price of your TacitWork here. 

5. Sales Graph

Get the complete information regarding the sales of your TacitWorks here. Data is typically presented in the form of a graph, which makes it easier for you to understand. 

6. Results

Download the sales graph here.