All the details related to your TacitWorks will be displayed on your TacitWorks dashboard. This includes:

TacitWorks title

View the titles of your posted TacitWorks and gain access to them.

Created Date

View the date on which you had originally created your TacitWorks.

TacitWorks Description

View the description you had included while posting your TacitWorks. This explains what your TacitWorks is about.

TacitWorks File

View the files you have uploaded as TacitWorks. Click on the icons to open the files. 

Cover image

You can change the cover image you had posted in your TacitWorks by clicking "Change cover image".


View the interest categories under which your TacitWorks has been posted. 

Number of views

Keep track of the total number of people who have accessed your TacitWorks (Free TacitWorks) or bought your TacitWorks (Paid TacitWorks). 


Keep track of your activities on TacitKey. All your activities will be displayed as a feed here. 


Keep track of the number of upvotes, downvotes, and shares your TacitWorks receives.