To be a part of a paid event, one will have to buy tickets to access and be an attendee of the event. One can pay for the event or request someone else to make the payment. Here’s a step by step guide as to how to create and send payment link for others to buy tickets for you to an event: 

  • Click on the “Event Name” from your My Feed section. 

  • Now, you will be directed to the event page that will showcase event details. 

  • Click on “Get Tickets” and you will be able to make the ticket type selection. 

  • Click on “Get Payment Link” and this will generate a unique payment link. (Note: The link will expire within 24 hours)

  • Share the link with anyone who you wish can pay for the Event ticket. 

  • After the payment, event confirmation details will be updated to your dashboard and also you will receive an email confirmation.