In TacitKey App, once you sign in, it opens to a very user-friendly interface through which you can access all the TacitKey features. 

1. My Feed  

"My Feed" page shows all the posts, including TacitWorksEvents, and updates from your Community, that are related to the interest categories you have chosen. It also shows the content posted by the people whom you follow. 

Upon accessing "My Feed" posts, you can:

  1. Upvote or downvote the TacitWorks and Events, to indicate your interest and show your appreciation to the contributor.
  2. Share TacitWorks and Events, that you are interested in, on your social media accounts.
  3. Bookmark TacitWorks and Events that you are interested in checking out again.
  4. Search and filter for TacitWorks and Events that you are interested in "My Feed".

2. Key Feed


"Key Feed" showcases all the content, which is exclusively used for monetization such as TacitSurvey. It also includes promoted content from businesses, Sponsored Works.

Here, you can filter for highest-rated, trending as well as the most recent content by clicking  HOT, TOP or NEW, respectively.

In the App, you also have a Sidebar navigation menu, which facilitates access to:

1. Notification

Shows all of your notifications from TacitKey. You are notified when someone requests access to your TacitWorks, Upvotes/Downvotes your content etc. 

2. Orders

Shows all your purchases, such as tickets to Events and purchased TacitWorks. It also shows pending payments.

3. Interest

Shows the interest list on the platform. Here, you have the option to add or remove your interest categories and personalize your "My Feed".

4. My Bookmarks

Shows all the TacitWorks and Events that you have bookmarked for future reference. 

5. My Upvotes 

Shows all the TacitWorks and Events that you have upvoted. 

6. Request new interest

An option for you to help us add more relevant interest groups of your choice on our platform. Request new  Interest.

7. Key Feed

Shows content posted by businesses.

8. My Earnings

Shows your earnings through the various opportunities available on TacitKey.

9. My Community

Shows all the TacitKey Communities that you are a member of. 

At the bottom of the App, you have four buttons, which facilitate quick access to:

 My Feed

Search for relevant TacitWorks and Events using keywords

 Post TacitWorks, or Create Community and Events

 Your TacitKey Profile