After your posted TacitWorks has been approved and goes live on "My Feed", you can share it with your network through "Invite & Promote".

  • Click "Invite & Promote" on the sidebar navigation of the TacitWorks page. 
  • This will open up a page, where you can opt to share your TacitWorks with your network through your social media accounts. 
  • Click the appropriate social media icons to directly share with the specific social media platform.
  • You can also create social media campaigns and promote your TacitWorks.
  • Click "Create Campaign" to invite your network. This will open up a page, where you have to fill the following details:

                    Choose Recipients -  Choose the recipients you want to invite or select "All" to send an invite to all your contacts.

                    Subject - Mention the subject of your Campaign or Invite, and optimize your message.

                    Custom message -  Customize your message to suit your recipients.

  • Click "Send Mail", to successfully send your invites to all your recipients. 
  • You can also resend the invite based on the response received.

You can also share your TacitWorks from "My feed" to social media. Learn how to here.