To have a successful event, it is necessary to invite people to your event. TacitKey allows you to conduct the event and also promote the event by inviting people to the event. Here’s a step by step guide to invite people to your event: 

  • Go to your community and choose the event by its event title. 

  • Click on “Attendees” from the dashboard and now you will be on the Attendees page where you can see a list of attendees to the event. 

  • On the right side, you will see a list of contacts from your account who you can invite to the event. 

  • Click on “Invite” if you wish to invite the contact as an attendee to your event. An email will be sent to the people who you invite. 


To invite people through other mediums can also be done on TacitKey. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on Invite and Promote from the sidebar navigation, and you will be able to invite people through emails or social media. 

  • By choosing on Facebook and Google+, you can share your events with your contacts on social media. 

  • By choosing Create Campaign, you can invite your contacts. 

    • Choose Recipients: Select recipients from your contact to invite them to the event. 

    • Choose Subject: Provide a catchy subject line for your invitees to open the email. 

    • Custom Message: Provide a custom message for recipients. 

  • Click on Send Mail, and the email will reach the recipients successfully.