You can create coupon code while conducting events. For Events, a coupon code or a promo code is a computer-generated code or manual code consisting of letters and numbers that attendees can use to avail a discount on the ticket. This is generally created to attract more users to purchase the ticket. 

How to add a coupon code to your event?

  • Go to your Community and choose the Event by the Event title. 

  • Click on Tickets from the sidebar navigation, where you will be directed to a page where all the ticketing details will be mentioned. 

  • Click on Add Coupon” and fill in the details as follows:

    • Unique Code: Provide a unique coupon code which is consisting of letters and numbers. Also, make sure it is simple to use by the users. 

    • Percentage: Provide a fixed discount ranging between 1% to 99%.

    • Start Date: Provide a start date from when the coupon code can be used.

    • Expiry Date: Provide an expiry date which ensures the coupon code is not valid after that. 

  • Click “ADD” and the coupon code will be added successfully. 


  • Click on Tickets from your sidebar navigation and you will be able to see your ticketing and coupon details. 

  • You can add a new coupon or remove a coupon based on your event requirement.