Not necessarily always the online ticketing system helps. Therefore to manually add someone who has bought the ticket offline or want to offer someone complimentary tickets, all you need to do is manually add the attendees' details so they are included in all the reporting and event communication. No extra fees are charged for manually adding the attendees. Here’s a step by step guide how to add an attendee manually:

  • Go to your Community and choose the Event by the Event Title.

  •  Click on “Attendee” from the sidebar navigation and you will be directed to an Attendees Dashboard viewing a list of attendees to the event. 

  • Click on “Add Attendee” and start providing the attendees' details. If the attendee is not in your imported contacts, you will have to add the contact to your contacts.

  • Choose the ticket type, ticket amount and also payment mode. 

  • Proceed to click on “Add Attendee” and the attendee will be added manually.