It is important to manage your TacitWorks within your Community to understand what performs better and results in great engagement. Here’s how to manage it:

  • Go to your Community by choosing the particular Community by it’s Community Name. 

  • Click on TacitWorks from the sidebar navigation, where you will be able to see a list of TacitWorks approved and published within the Community. 

  • Look for the following details:

    • Number of Views

    • Number of Upvotes, Downvotes

    • Number of Shares

  • TacitWorks Sales

Here, you will receive notifications on every purchase of your TacitWorks. You can assess the performance of your TacitWorks and keep track of your earnings. Read more about it here

  • Invite & Promote

Share and promote your TacitWorks amongst your network and social media platforms through the "Invite & Promote" function. Share your knowledge, gain recognition, and become a thought leader!