There are 2 ways by which a community owner can invite members to be a part of their community. 

Community owner can invite members:

  1. At the time of creating the community. 

  2. After creating the community. 

How do I invite members to my community after creating a community?

  • Click on the particular community to which you want to invite members.

  • on the left side, you will see an option to “Invite and Promote”

  • Click on “Invite and Promote” and choose how do you want to invite members. 

  • You can invite members to your community through Facebook, Google+ and Emails. 

How do I invite members to my community through Social Media?

There are two ways to invite members to your community via Social Media. 

  1. Facebook

  2. Google+

  • Choose any of the options from Facebook and Google+

  • Add your contacts and type a custom message.

  • Hit the SEND button! Your contacts will now receive the message on their Social Media accounts. 

How do I invite members to my community through Emails?

  • Community owners can invite members to join their community by sending them emails. 

  • Click on the CREATE CAMPAIGN button and choose the imported contacts to whom you want to send an invite to. 

  • If you want to add a new contact, you can add by clicking on the Add new contact button. 

  • Add a catchy subject line that will attract your recipients and make them open the email. 

  • Add a custom message on what is the objective of your community and why they should be a part of your community. 

  • You can preview how your email will look by clicking the “Live Preview” button.

  • When you are ok with your email template,  click the “Send Mail” button.