TacitKey’s Community is designed for professionals from a specific domain, like you, to collaborate in one place. Through community conduct, collaborative discussions, share your works, and events such as webinars, conferences etc with ease. You can create your first community on TacitKey for free. To create more than one community, one should upgrade to TacitKey’s Community Subscription plan. 

Why TacitKey Community?

TacitKey community not only allows you to initiate discussions but also gives you a platform to share your works, collaborate, and learn. Apart from this, you can elevate your career profile and increase your earning potential by creating events, webinars and training courses. TacitKey is, in essence, a  one-stop platform where you can  Share. Learn. Earn. 

How to create a Community on TacitKey?

  • After signing up on TacitKey with a unique Email ID, you are eligible to create your first community for Free. 

  • Choose Community from the main menu and start off by creating your community by clicking on “Create Community.” 

  • Provide us with your basic community details such as Community Name, Community Description, and Interest. 

  • Hit the Create button, and there you are all set to start discussions, events to share, learn and earn. 

What details should a community owner provide while creating a Community?

Community Name: 

  • Choose a unique and simple community name for your community. 

  • Make sure your community name does not exceed 80 characters. 

Cover Picture:

  • Cover picture is essential to differentiate your community. 

  • Click the upload icon to upload relevant and suitable cover picture for your Community. 

  • If you do not have a cover picture, you can enable “Choose Default Cover Picture”.


  • Let others know what your community is all about by giving a small description of your community. 

  • The best description should include what is the objective of the community and what kind of individuals should be a part of this community. 


  • Invite your contacts to be a part of your community. 

  • You can select particular individuals or invite by adding a new contact. 

  • By inviting more members to join your community, your community will have an increase in discussions and engagement.


  • Select a particular interest type for your community. 

  • You can choose from Finance, Legal, Healthcare and Life Science. 

  • You can also choose sub-interests for your community to have more focused members and discussions

  • If you do not want to scroll through so many interest and sub-interest, then choose “Auto-select interest from profile”, then the platform will auto pick the interests that are mentioned in your profile.

After providing all the mentioned details, click CREATE. Now, your community is sent to TacitKey’s moderation team for approval. Our moderation team will review your community details and get back to you within 48 hours.