On TacitKey, you can share your tacit knowledge with a global audience and evolve as a thought leader within your domain. 

Sharing is made easy through TacitWorks, through which you can showcase your tacit knowledge in the form of your perspectives, insights, opinions and ideas related to a specific topic in your domain. 

You can share your tacit knowledge with your peers in different formats such as videos, audio, text, webinars etc. 

On TacitWorks, you can share your views on:

  1. Recent trends

  2. Future directions

  3. Existing hypothesis 

  4. Latest innovations

  5. Prevalent challenges 

  6. Impact of the challenges

  7. Solutions to the challenges

The different ways in which you can share your tacit knowledge include sharing your:

  1. Perspectives 

Share your outlook or the inferences that you have garnered regarding a specific topic. This should ideally include original data based on which you have drawn your inferences. However, please ensure that the focus is more on your personal viewpoints. 

  1. Opinions 

Share your idea or judgment related to an issue from within your domain. Present your views on the strengths and weaknesses of the topic in hand, backed by evidence. These are exclusively based on your personal viewpoints. 

  1. Insights

Share your in-depth understanding of a specific topic. Through sharing your insights on an issue, you can draw attention to them and widen the scope of the findings. Please ensure to support your argument using anecdotal evidences. 

  1. Ideas

Share your ideas related to a specific topic in the form of solutions to prevalent challenges in your domain. These have the potential to transform you into a global leader in your domain of expertise.