• Download the TacitKey app at the Android or Apple stores.
  • Open the app, to view "My Feed".
  • At the bottom of the feed, you can find the "Post" icon:




  • Click the "Post" icon.
    This opens up a page, where you can choose what you want to post.
  • Click "TacitWorks".
  • This will open up a page, where you can post your TacitWorks after filling all the required details.

  • Public or Private - Choose to display your TacitWorks as either Public or Private. 
  • Title - Provide a suitable title for your TacitWorks.
  • Cover image - Select a suitable cover image for your TacitWorks. You can either upload a relevant cover image or choose a suitable image from the TacitKey library of stock images.
  • Description -  Provide a description of your TacitWorks in 300 words. This lets the readers know what your work is about.
  • Pricing - Set your tacitWorks as either free or paid. If you have set your work as "Paid TacitWorks", fix the price of your own work.

  • Click "Upload File" to upload your TacitWork files.
  • Choose the interest categories under which your TacitWorks falls under or Click "Auto-select interest from the profile".
  • Click "Submit" to successfully submit your TacitWorks on Tacitkey.                          
  • After your content is posted, it is reviewed by TacitKey's Moderator team. You will be notified about the status of your submission within 36-48 hours. Once approved your TacitWorks will be visible to all the users.

How do I delete the TacitWork that I have posted on TacitKey?

To delete your approved TacitWorks, please contact us at support@tacitkey.com.