To post your content as TacitWorks, 

Step 1: Create a TacitKey profile at

Creating your TacitKey account is free and easy. Verify your email address, and you are ready to post your TacitWorks!

Step 2: Click on 'Post TacitWorks'

Fill in the following details to upload your content:

  • TacitWorks Title: Enter a suitable title for your TacitWorks. Keep it short and simple, so that the readers can easily understand it.
  • TacitWorks Description: Describe your work in your own words (1500 characters maximum). Use this space to convey to the readers why you think your work is important.
  • Cover Image: Select a suitable cover image for your TacitWorks from TacitKey Library of stock images or upload an image of your choice. Please ensure that the cover image is relevant to your TacitWorks.
  • Paid or Free: Click "Paid" to post Paid TacitWorks or Click "Free" to post Free TacitWorks. Posting your content as Free Tacitworks facilitates your content to be adopted by top brands/companies through TacitAdopt. On the other hand, posting your content as Paid TacitWorks enables you to earn continuously through your works. 
  • Set the price for TacitWorks: Fix a suitable price for your TacitWorks (Minimum $19; Maximum - no limit). Your work, your price! 
  • Interest: Select the interest category that your TacitWork falls under. This is an essential step, as the right tagging ensures that your work reaches the right audience. Hence, please make sure that you tag your work correctly. Also, if you do not find the proper interest category, please contact us and make a request for a new interest.  

Step 3: Attach TacitWorks files

  • You can attach files only in the following formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, MP4, and MP3. 
  • Select the appropriate file(s) from your device that is to be posted.
  • Click on the tick mark in green at the top to post the content.

After the content is posted, it goes to the TacitKey moderator team for the approval process. The approval process typically takes about 36-48 hours. 

You can also post your TacitWorks on Mobile, which has a similar process.