What are notifications?

Notifications are messages or alerts you receive from TacitKey that helps you keep up-to-date. Get access to the messages by clicking on the notification icon on your menubar. 

In addition to onscreen notifications, you can also receive email notifications from TacitKey. This ensures that you never miss any updates!

What kind of notifications will I receive from TacitKey?

1. TacitWorks

Every time a user views or reads your TacitWorks, you will be immediately notified. By upvoting and downvoting the TacitWorks, the reader can express his/her views about the content.

2. Event Invites

You will be notified when you are invited to any Events. 

3. Tickets

You will get notifications when someone purchases tickets to any of your Events.

4. Community Requests

You will be notified when you are requested to join a Community.

5. Speaker Requests


You will receive notifications when you have been invited by an Event Organizer to be a featured speaker at an upcoming event.


When a user selects to Follow you, you will be notified when a TacitKey user has started following you.