On TacitKey, you can access TacitWorks in two ways:

        1. Through "My Feed"

        Clicking "My Feed" opens up a new page, where all the TacitWorks based on your interest choice can be viewed.

        2. Using "Search" option

        Use the Search option to search for TacitWorks based on author or title.

Next, click a TacitWorks you want to access. 

This opens up a page where you can see all the details about that specific TacitWorks - including TacitWorks title, description, and interest tags. 

Here, you can also access the attached files by clicking "Access TacitWorks"

  • For Free TacitWorks - you will gain immediate access to the files
  • For Paid TacitWorks - you will be immediately redirected to the secure payment page. Follow the instructions to finish the payment. Upon successful completion of the payment, you will have complete access to the TacitWorks.