To conduct an event on TacitKey, one needs to own a Community on TacitKey, as the Community is the medium to create events. When you own a community in TacitKey, you can create and conduct events seamlessly. You can sell tickets, invite people, create feedbacks, polls, discussions and also share event’s content with the attendees of the event. 

How to create an Event when you own a Community? 

Step 1: Go to the Community Page from your TacitKey Account. 

Step 2: Choose the Community you own and want to conduct an event for. 

Step 3: Now, you are inside your Community. Click on Events and you will be directed to the Events page of your community.

Step 4: Click on “CREATE AN EVENT” to start with creating events. 

Step 5: Provide the Event Details.

  • Event Title: This is the name of the Event. Choose a unique and attractive name. 

  • Location: Add the venue of the event. Click on the “Map icon” and choose the location of the event. 

  • Starts from - Ends on: Mention the dates of the event with the Start of dates, and End to dates. 

  • Event Type: It is important to mention the type of the event, whether it is a Paid or a Free Event. 

  • Event Description: Give a snippet about the event for users to understand the objective of the event. This description will definitely help in increasing your attendees for the event. 

  • Click on SAVE and NEXT to go the next step. 

Step 6: Tickets: Here you need to provide the ticket types and details of the tickets such as the Price, Availability. 

  • Ticket Type: Give a unique name of the Ticket to differentiate between different ticket types.

  • Ticket Description: Provide a brief description of the ticket type for users to understand the features of the tickets. 

  • Price: Mention the price for the particular ticket type. 

  • No.of Tickets: Provide the details on how many tickets allocated for a particular ticket type.

  • Add Ticket: To add multiple ticket types, click on Add Ticket and follow the same procedure of providing ticket type name, details, price and availability. 

  • Click on SAVE and NEXT to move to the next step. 

Step 7: Agenda: To provide the agenda for the Event is very essential. Based on the number of days of the event, one will have to provide day-wise agenda. 

  • Time: Provide the hourly or time-based details such as Start time to End time.

  • Title: Provide the title of the agenda. 

  • Description: Give a brief description of what the agenda is all about for users to understand. 

  • Links: If you want to provide any specific links, provide the link here.

  • Speaker: Choose a speaker for the agenda. If the user is not in your contacts, proceed by adding a new speaker. 

  • Add Slot: If you have more than one agenda, click on add slot and follow the same steps by providing the time details, agenda, description, and speaker. 

  • If your event exceeds for more than a day, follow the same steps for other days too!

  • Check all the details provided and click on SAVE and NEXT to move to the next step. 

Step 8: Sponsor: Provide the details of the Sponsor of the Event. 

  •  Sponsor Name: Choose the Sponsor from your contacts or proceed by adding a new contact as a sponsor.

  • Type: You can provide the sponsor type such as Main Sponsor, Powered by Sponsor and different sponsor types your event may have. 

  • Add Sponsor: To add more than one sponsor, click on Add Sponsor and provide the same details as Sponsor name and type. 

  • Click on SAVE and NEXT to move to the next step. 

Step 9: Settings: Here you need to provide us with details on the Company and Event Listing. 

  • Post Event As: Here you need to choose a specific Company Profile. If you do have a company profile, you need to create one to post an event. 

  • Listing Setting: One need to choose the listing type as Private or Public Listing. If it is private listing only the members of the community can be a part of the event. In case of a Public Listing, members outside the community can also attend the event. 

  • Hide Community Name: One needs to decide if they want the Community Name to be specified or no.

  • Cover Picture: Choose a unique cover picture for your event by either uploading or choosing from stock images. 

Now, you have successfully created the event on TacitKey. Our moderation team will review the event details and provide you with the status of the event within 36 hours.