TacitKey is a knowledge sharing and monetization platform for professionals. At TacitKey, we encourage everyone to take the opportunity to share your insights in the form of TacitWorks, learn from your peers, and earn as you share your expertise. 

Please maintain a professional manner while engaging on the platform- be it be during content submission, discussions, or any kind of interactions with other users on TacitKey. 

Please strictly follow the below-mentioned guidelines while posting your content as TacitWorks:

  1. Copyright Policies

We encourage you to respect all the relevant copyrights and trademarks policies while sharing your tacit knowledge. 

Unless you have prior authorization, please do not share any copyrighted or trademarked documents or provide external links to sites where users can get access to copyrighted content. If you mention any copyrighted works in your articles, please do the proper referencing. 

It is our company policy to respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement. Content that has been proven to have copyrighted or trademarked material or links, and which has not been properly referenced, will be immediately deleted. Users who have contributed multiple pieces of content with proven transgression of copyright laws, in spite of repeated warnings, will be banned from the platform for at least 6 months. 

  1. Private and/or Confidential Information

As it is a public discussion forum, please ensure that no private information is shared on the platform. In addition, please do not reveal any confidential information such as patient, employee, or financial information. 

Please ensure that you do not post any content targeted against specific individuals, with the intent of publicly humiliating them.  Such content includes, but are not restricted to private conversations, private images, insulting notes or responses. In short, please do not divulge any information that will reveal another person’s identity, private details and/ or is in direct contradiction to any confidentiality agreements that you may have signed. 

Any such disclosures will not be entertained on TacitKey, and such posts will be immediately deleted. The context, nature of posted information as well as privacy and cyber laws will be taken into account by our legal team while trying to decide any further legal actions.

  1. Instigating Violence 

At TacitKey, we encourage respectful and empowering discussions. We strongly discourage any individuals or groups from attempting to threaten or instigate violence towards any individual or group through your posts or comments. 

Users who repeatedly indulge in violent discussions will be permanently banned from the platform. Decisions made by the administrators in these cases will be final and no appeals will be entertained. 

  1. Promoting Discrimination

TacitKey supports freedom of expression, and as such, we do not discriminate against any individual or organization. However, we do expect the same courtesy from our users as well. We do not tolerate any content that is discriminatory in nature. 

Any content that promotes or condones violence against individuals or groups based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality, or sexual orientation will be immediately removed. Any account that is used to repeatedly post such discriminatory posts in spite of being issued warnings will be permanently deleted.

  1. Harassment


Please be respectful while posting comments and express your thoughts as well as ideas in a tolerant manner, without bullying or harassing anyone on the platform. We understand that debates and discussions are part of the learning process and that they enhance the learning process. However, we will not tolerate abusive behavior of any kind directed at individuals in our platform. 

In such cases, strict action will be taken depending on the advice of our legal team. Hence, we request you to treat others with the same respect and dignity that you expect for yourself. Help us make our community a platform for like-minded people to meet and share ideas productively in order to evolve into global thought leaders!

  1. Posting Crude Content 


Please do not post any content with graphic or shocking images. These may include but are not limited to, close up of bloody wounds, accident/war/death scenes etc. In cases where they are absolutely required for the content, please provide a suitable explanation as to why you think it is necessary. 

Any such content without a substantial explanation will be rejected during the moderation process. Such content with substantial as well as a satisfactory explanation will be approved at the sole discretion of the TacitKey Content Moderators, and marked with an interstitial warning message indicating “graphic/explicit content”. 

At TacitKey, we do not accept any content that glorifies self-harm behavior and certain psychiatric conditions, cutting, eating disorders, suicide, etc. 

  1. Adult Content

TacitKey is not the space for sharing adult content. However, we understand the necessity for sharing professional/ educational content with nudity, especially in the case of healthcare (surgery). In this regard, educational content with nudity including graphic images or videos, such as surgical procedures, explanation of a diagnosis etc. will be allowed at the sole discretion of TacitKey content moderators, provided sufficient explanations for the need for the images are provided. 

Content without substantial and satisfactory explanations will be rejected. Additionally, the content that has been approved, will be marked with an interstitial warning message indicating “graphic/explicit content”. 

  1. Illegal activities

The TacitKey platform cannot be used to engage or promote any dangerous or illegal activity. Examples of typical illegal activities include, but are not limited to: writing posts that encourage dangerous activities like driving under influence, substance abuse or the promotion of illegal drugs etc. 

If we notice such activity, we will ban your account and take down your content. In cases of serious offenses, we will report to the appropriate authorities. Furthermore, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards any content that exploits children. Hence, any accounts posting such content will be banned without question, and proper authorities will be contacted. 

  1. Unauthorized Sales


At TacitKey, you cannot post advertisement content without our prior permission. The uploaded advertisements or promotional contents will be deleted during the moderation process. If you want to advertise with us, please contact our Sales team and upload it as Sponsored Works. For more information, please contact us at support@tacitkey.com

  1.  Plagiarism

At TacitKey, we aim to provide high-quality original content to our users. Hence, please do not upload previously published articles on our platform. This will be considered as copyright infringement and will be rejected during the moderation process. We will be checking the uploaded content for plagiarism and only those content that passes through our plagiarism test will be accepted.  

  1. Spamming

At TacitKey, our main goal is to provide a pleasant experience for all the users. Therefore, we do not encourage spammers and users found to spam will be permanently banned from our platform. 

Typical examples of spam include, but are not limited to designing content to drive traffic to a personal site or reorder a personal site in listings, using other people’s comment sections to promote your personal site or product, using deception to generate revenue for personal gains, and designing posts aimed at affiliate marketing. 

  1. Posting Malware

Please do not post any content that creates pop-ups, transmits viruses and/or other bugs, which may attempt to install other software with/or without the users' consent. Embedding malicious code in your content is strictly forbidden, and TacitKey will take stern measures against users who upload content with malicious code. 

  1. Impersonation

Please do not mislead, deceive and/or confuse any member of our community through our platform by impersonating someone else. Also, please do not pretend to represent an organization that you are not part of and/or are not authorized to represent. 

We are tolerant of parody and ridicule as long as you make it obvious to our users. Please do note that in cases where you mislead our members to believe that you represent an organization that you are not authorized to represent, the concerned authorities will be notified.

  1. Mass Registering

Please do not use automation, programs or systems to mass register accounts or post content. Such accounts will be deleted and marked as spam.

  1. Phishing

Please do not use the TacitKey platform for any fraudulent activity such as phishing. 

*Please note that we use software such as PlagScan, TinEye, and SightEngine to detect and reject plagiarised as well as objectionable content that has been submitted to the platform. This helps us to provide a professional and engaging environment for users, where they can easily exchange their ideas, network with their peers and establish collaborations.