What are Key points, and why should I accumulate it? 

Key points are a measure of your activity within the TacitKey platform. It is a reflection of your engagement and how much knowledge contribution you have made within the platform. 

Higher Key points translate to a more valuable user on our platform. Such high-value users are rewarded by being presented with attractive opportunities like consulting, invitation to be a speaker at events etc.  

What determines your Key points score?

Key points score depends on three variables:

  1. Activity within the TacitKey platform
  2. Quality of your TacitWorks
  3. Level of your engagement 

Can I get negative Key points score?

No, we do not assign negative Key points values. The sole purpose of Key points is to increase user engagement and create a healthy competition between the users. This will help create a friendly environment where tacit knowledge exchange happens freely.  


How are the Key points calculated?

Key points are calculated based on the following parameters:

  • Responding to feedback/ polls - 1 point 

  • Upvote or downvote of content/events - 0.1 points 

  • Being invited as a speaker for events - 30 points 

  • Being active on the platform for an hour - 0.05  points

  • Attending events - 10 points 

  • Participating in discussions - 0.5 points 

  • Sharing content or events - 1 point 

  • Inviting friends - 5 points 

  • Gaining followers - 0.05 points 

  • Posting content (if approved) - 10 points 

  • Accessing free content - 1 point

  • Accessing paid content - 5 point 

  • Content upvote Each - 0.01 

  • Content accessed - 0.5 

  • Paid - 2

  • Posting events - 20 points 

  • Each new user form event - 5 points

What is the relevance of Key points score?

Having a high Key points score (closer to 99 percentile) indicates that you are an expert in your domain.This helps businesses to identify key influencers or top experts, and sponsor their works.